Day Service Activities

For folks who want to enhance their social opportunities, our Day Services provide safe, stimulating environments where they can socialize, enjoy their favorite activities and join in community events. The Day Service program promotes a healthy, independent and well rounded lifestyle. Every skill and independence level is taken into consideration and accommodated.

Want to focus on health and relaxation? Our Day services promotes a healthy and well rounded lifestyle. Spa Days are set aside to teach basic relaxation, grooming and nutrition skills. Health and relaxation times may also include Yoga, light exercise, stretching and short walks. The main focus of the health and relaxation days are to provide an opportunity for all individuals to re-center themselves and find balance between their busy lives and the opportunity to make independent choices on how they want to relax and unwind.

What do you like to do? We currently have spa days, Coffee Club, movie days, arts and crafts, game days, dances, Karaoke, holiday celebrations, Book Club and a garden club. Everyone loves to attend the community events and parades. Some of these activities are dependent on the weather and availability. We have field trips and opportunities to volunteer for community causes and events. These are only a few of the programs we offer. We look forward to supporting more happy participants and to providing even more opportunities to enjoy a really great day. Come and explore your creative side.