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Residential Services

We currently have five licensed, community based, residential group homes that provide care for 24 individuals with developmental disabilities.

Each of our group homes have been customized with features to meet the needs of the residents. We have extra wide doorways, wheelchair accessibility, large open showers, spacious kitchens, patios and fenced yards, hard wired smoke alarms and much more. All our homes are equipped with adaptive equipment, hydraulic lifts, specialized furniture and more. Special diets and individualized medical protocols are accommodated.

Our group homes assist the individuals we serve to be independent and gain increased choice and control over their lives. The activities of the home are driven by the preferences of the people who live there. Each resident creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and reflects their personalities and preferences. Each individual has their own private bedroom decorated according to their wishes.

We provide 24 hour service in each of our homes. Each group home has no more than five residents and boasts highly qualified staff to provide care.