Supported Living

New Day's Supported Living Program offers individualized services based on personal preferences and needs. Individuals choose their own living situation and direct their own care with minimal direction from staff with a support system that is built around the preferences of that person. The Supported Living staff host group activities and have game nights, cooking classes and community adventures.

Supported Living services are driven by each person's desires and individual needs. Working closely with the individual, their family members and advocates, our staff structures a support system to enjoy their highest level of independence. This service provides the opportunity for people to enjoy the freedom that comes from living on one's own.

In Home Support Services

How can we help you?

We will get to know you. We'll focus on what YOU want and need. You will help us understand your support needs. There will be time for you to tell us what you need and for you to ask us questions. What is working well for you and which areas would you like more support? We want you to tell us about your goals and how you'd like New Day to help you reach those goals.

Why choose New Day Enterprises?

We offer multiple services to enhance independence for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities living on their own or with their families. Services to choose from include: housekeeping, meal preparation, cooking, shopping, medical appointments, assistance with budgeting and bill paying, and endless opportunities to explore social and personal interests with friends and in our community.

New Day has a "no-lift" policy and does NOT offer nursing services, on-call services, respite or supports to those under 21 years of age.